Life Behind the Camera

This weekend at Farm Rock Atlanta I did something I don’t really do I interacted with people. To my friends this might sound weird since I am such an outgoing, loud and goofy person, but when I work I’m on task. There are only pictures of me shooting and never any with a band. When I shoot I try to be as unimposing as possible, and honestly I am paying more attention to the shot and the sound quality than what is being said at that moment. I don’t really get to know the person who is being interviewed until I start editing. Some videos take longer than others, and the more time I spend on a person the more I get to know them. That makes it a little weird when I see them again and I feel so comfortable with them that I’m like “what’s up” and they look at me trying to figure out where they know me from. In this role I’m not out for fame or recognition. I’m looking for great moments to give to the world and make everyone involved look at their best, silliest, or most sincere. So this weekend I broke my (self imposed) fourth wall. I got to know the people in front of the camera and not through the lens, and it was a great experience. Stay turned for videos from this weekend!

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